Welcome to Picpodz. Grab the files HERE.

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After installing, run the program from the start menu folder.

Use the arrow keys to move around the pod. Single left click the mouse on pictures to bring them in front of you. Click again to send them back to their positions. To add photos, go to the start menu folder and click the folder that says COPY Photos here. That will open a folder where you can copy your own photos to. Please make sure you use COPIES not the original photos, because Picpodz will rearrange pictures. Next just run Picpodz as normal and it will process the new images. This can take quite some time and the program may appear to free, but it usually works, and only has to do this once per each new file.

Some files may be too large to work. If procecssing fails, check the COPY Photos here folder for pictures that did not process. Sort your folder by details mode / file size and delete the biggest pictures. Then run picpodz again.

You can easily resize the picpodz window by dragging on its borders or corners. This can turn picpodz into more of a widget-like app than a screensaver. For full screensaver style, press the maximize button and turn on the AUTO button.

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